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Aething 5Y DeHome Project

The use of Digital currencies in the Construction

The need to use blockchain technology in construction seems to many of us a utopian idea, which often arises from a lack of understanding of all the advantages of using such a solution. Therefore, we decided to describe this solution using the example of how it is supposed to be implemented with the 5Y DeHome project, subject to the further development of the project. The next paragraph will contain a brief description of the blockchain implementation in our project, and then we will describe visually the possibilities of applying this solution in practice.

It's no secret that during the operation of buildings and structures, there is a mandatory period of their service, which requires accounting for the materials used, technologies, components, installed equipment, and parts. All these data are necessary to timely and efficiently carry out maintenance and repair of buildings and equipment included in them, creating positive emotions for customers from the management company and the developer company. Usually, various inventory systems are used to solve such problems, the main disadvantage of which is the lack of motivation to fill such systems with both staff and customers.
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Behind the war. Corporate ethics.
It seems that the whole world is divided into three parts. One part lives an ordinary life and does not pretend that they have not heard about the war at all.

The second part does not want to hear anything about the war, because they are already tired of it.

And the third part is keenly interested in the war. I don’t want to talk about the first part, let it be on their conscience.