Aething App. The world's first app to Help Refugees and Expats

No one else in our world needs help as much as those who were forced to leave their home and change their country. In a new country, especially in adulthood, always a lack of connections and contacts, a lack of knowledge in the banalest and everyday trifles.

Where to buy, what is the best thing to do, where to go and many other questions that each of us knows how to solve in our country without any hesitation, in a new country turn into an endless rebus?

That is why the help of acquaintances or friends is so important when a person moves to a new country and becomes an expat. But this help is doubly important for those who fled from war or political repression, from those who forcedly, and not of their own free will, left their home and ended up in another country.

Aething App The world's first app to Help Refugees and Expats
That is why we have provided a minimum commission for our application for all refugees and expats. We are confident that this will help them get on their feet in a new country and quickly integrate into a new society. It will help you find a job faster because in our application you can advertise your services with minimal knowledge of the language.

The most important thing is that anyone can get clients within minutes after submitting their ad, and not days, weeks, or months, as is the case with legacy advertising systems. Indeed, for refugees and ex-pats, time becomes multiple valuable resources, as it requires a matter of weeks or months to solve everyday issues that usually a person living in the same place has been solving for years or decades. It is time that becomes the greatest burden when a person is forced to start life anew.

The uniqueness of our application for refugees and expats also lies in the fact that it combines the possibility of obtaining additional income without subsidies from any state, but at the same time allows you to start your own business, allowing you to quickly find your niche and become a full member of a new country. The immediacy of the result obtained allows you to start a small business in minutes, not days or months.

This provides not only financial support but more importantly, invaluable moral support to anyone who is forced to settle into a new society. The uniqueness of our application is also that any ex-pat can find everything he needs - a job search tool, independent financial support, the opportunity to organize rest and acquaintances, leisure, and work.

Everything becomes more accessible, and most importantly much faster!

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APRIL, 20 / 2023
Text author: Ihar Kul

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